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  • Wednesday ,05 August 2020

The Renaissance Dam and life in Egypt

by Jamal Rushdie

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Wednesday ,05 August 2020

The Renaissance Dam and life in Egypt

 I assured before that Ethiopia doesn’t own the Renaissance Dam and have no power or decision to negotiate. The dam belongs to other parties and I mentioned previously that there is a study of the World Bank 1996 aimed at storing water behind the Abyssinian Plateau in wells like oil and selling water to countries of the world in hight prices.

The most important aspect of erecting the dam is to prevent water and life from the land of Egypt and Sudan, and this is the primary goal of global Zionism to establish the alleged great kingdom of Israel after destroying life in Egypt.
All that is said about the existence of defects in the body of the dam, and its land is not true. It is indeed done according to very accurate studies made by countries, great organizations, and giant companies that build it.
The one thing that can prevent such evil plan is the superiority of the Egyptian army. Last week, Egypt received the first batch of Russian snake fighters Su-35, which will make its army the strongest air force in the Middle East. Egypt is negotiating to buy the Russian defense system 5500, which is the most powerful and the latest in the world. 
Thus, Egyptian army will jump to the sixth rank in the world, and it will only be separated from the first places by the nuclear classification. At that point, Egypt will be a deterrent force that no one will be able to threaten its national security from any direction.