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  • Tuesday ,01 September 2020

Arab started to be smart

Magdy Malak

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Tuesday ,01 September 2020

Arab started to be smart

I want to congratulate Bahrain and Emirate for singing a peace agreement with Israel. Finally, Arab countries started to be smart and to know that Israel is not their enemy but Iran and Hezbaollah are the real enemy. 

Bahrain and Emirate recognized that who caused the chaos in the region is Iran, Hamas and Hezbaollah not Israel. They recognized that the best way to protect themselves from this enemy is to sign a peace agreement with the enemy of Iran which is Israel.

There is no doubt that Iran and Hezbaollah pushed Bahrain and the Emirate to take this  historical step. 

Trump also is very smart because he wants to achieve victory before the presidential election which will definitely help him to be a strong president and to gain the jews voters.