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  • Wednesday ,02 September 2020

No, President of Lawyer Bar Association

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Wednesday ,02 September 2020

No, President of Lawyer Bar Association

 We are accustomed to hear some Salafi preachers attacking Christians or contempt of Christianity, as well as claiming that the Holy Bible is distorted. But we are not accustomed to hear a public figure and a man of law like President of Lawyer Bar Association using some verses of the Holy Bible to provoke and attack Coptic Christians in a published article. Of course, I am not against freedom of thought and belief, but this has different frameworks and contexts and is likely to be used as a method of seeking cheap fame or even to gain the support of the extremists in an elections.

I don’t know why the feelings of Christian Egyptian citizens are underestimated like that. The Lawyer Bar Association writes an article questioning the Holy Bible and publishes it in newspaper, without any sense of what this article bears in terms of attacking believes and feelings of Christians. What will happen if a Christian man writes a similar article to question the facts in the Holy Quraan.
I am sure he will apologize for what he did, and I believe that Holy Books are much more powerful than such weak words, but I also believe that leaders and senior officials in a country like Egypt should be more wise and careful.