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  • Tuesday ,04 January 2011

Human right organization dr:nagib guibrael

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Sunday ,02 January 2011

Human right organization dr:nagib guibrael

Did what happen yesterday in the church of saints in alexandrie is considered to be the second gift which is represented by the Egyptian government for coptics in the second birth feast after the crisis of naga3 hamady

-guibraael is accusing the Egyptian government and the Egyptian internal security system the responsibility for killing Coptic people specifically in start of every new year and in the birth feasts
-gubrael is blaming theminister of the internal affairs and the manager of the national security who left great symbols of muslims during the last three months in developing fighting against coptics and the symbol of the Coptic church pope shenoda
-dr gubrael is blaming the muslim scientists and cultured muslim people like se3lim el 3aoa who charged muslims that the Coptic church is storing different types of weapons which is brought by a ship coming from Israel and they say that our church is a separated country inside the Egyptian country they also says that we try to be protected by outside 
-gubrael says that what have happened yesterday in the crisis of the saints church is ensuring that coptics are unfairly treated and they suffer discrimination they donot enjoy the protection in their country by the government on the other side muslim people enjoy this protection 
-gubrael is asking the president of our republic to fire the minister of the internal affairs or this minister should quet as an evidence what happened during the period of this minister for Coptic people dinot happen from 40 years in the events of el zaoia el 7amra 
-gubrael and the human rights organization want general adel labib the governer of alexandrie  to quet because in his period the church and coptics generally are insulted 
-gubrael is asking the president mubarak a complete protection for coptics and he describes the condition of coptics that they are very afraid and terrified because they think that such crisis could be repeated during the feast after six days
-gubrael describes the big crisis in alexandrie is considered to be a result of the failure of the security system in the country and a result of the spread of the stupid culture towards Coptic people 
-we want to ask the minister of internal affairs habib el adly how you could protect eighty thousand people who were in the stadium of cairo9 during a match of football between el ahly and zamalek teams and he couldnot take serious steps to protect just one thousand people who were praying yesterday and he knows previouslt that there are a lot of minance during the last three months 
-gubrael describes what have happened in alex is considered to be the way the organization of elka3da thinks and believes there is no existence of el ka3da but the concept of their behaviour is present here in Egypt in and is represented in the great muslim people of muslim leaders who believe that coptics should be demolished from this country
-gubrael describes the people who lie by saying that this crisis is  planned from outside that they want to find false reasons for this crisis 
-finally gubrael says donot blame the people in the west when they describe the condition of Coptic people that they are discriminated they donot find equality and they are unfairly treated 
Dr:naguib gubrael the president of the human rights organization 
Cairo 1-1-2011