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  • Thursday ,31 March 2011

Army detains blogger, to investigate detention of artist

By-Mai Shams El-Din-Special to Daily News Egypt

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Thursday ,31 March 2011

Army detains blogger, to investigate detention of artist

 CAIRO: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces decided in its 30th communique issued on Tuesday to reinvestigate the detention of Amr Eissa, an artist and student who was detained on March 9 during a Tahrir Square sit-in that was violently dispersed by military police.

“We just heard about the decision and are contacting the military prosecution to know how things will exactly work,” said journalist Mohammed El-Anwar who is in charge of the campaign to release Eissa.
“We have been campaigning for his release from a long time, especially in Ain Shams University where Eissa studies, we were told that he is detained in Tora prison and was subject to three-years sentence.”
Meanwhile, on Monday night blogger Maikel Nabil was reportedly arrested from his home, and is detained for 15 days pending investigation.
Nabil, who is known for his controversial views regarding the state of Israel and other issues, cited on his blog what he calls the army’s conspiracy against the revolution, recounting torture allegations against the army in a post titled “The army and the people are not one hand.”
Nabil wrote his blog post one day before his arrest, which is said to be a possible reason for his arrest.
“The circumstances surrounding his arrest are still officially unknown, but his last blog post could be the reason,” said Tarek Salama, a member of the Kefaya Movement.
Salama thinks that other allegations against Nabil could be used as a pretext to detain him because of his views on the army.
“We have seen the case of rights activist Ragia Omran who was detained briefly by the army on the day of the referendum. They claimed that she fought with an army officer, but we all know that she has been working on torture cases of the army. This cannot be a coincident.” 
Lawyers who attempted to attend Nabil’s questioning at the military prosecution on Tuesday were unavailable for comment by press time.