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  • Friday ,21 September 2012

Has the revolution succeeded?

Gergis Wahib

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Friday ,21 September 2012

Has the revolution succeeded?

 Revolution of January 25 came to achieve 3 main demands, which are: better subsidized bread, freedom, and social justice. There were few other related demands such as the elimination of corruption, bribery and nepotism as well as trading of power and put an end to the domination of one political party. That's why hundreds of pure patriot young people have sacrificed their lives to give Egypt as well as all Egyptians a better life. Now we ask: Has the revolution succeeded?

After nearly 19 months since the beginning of the revolution, I agree with many just writers that revolution hasn't achieved any of its primary or secondary goals, as subsidized bread is too bad to the extent that animals may refuse to eat it, and subsidized flour is being stolen by all means, and no body moves!
The first demand of the revolution, I mean better subsidized bread, hasn't been achieved yet, and everybody can visit a bakery to see its bad condition. Furthermore, it's really hard to get it with its very long queues.
What about freedom? Have we got some more? Never. It's become even less. After the revolution, he who didn’t agree wtih the revolutionists was simply called a remnant. Later, he who disagrees with the Islamists is called infidel. Those “infidels” are being attacked like Khalid Montaser, Editor-in-Chief of Seventh Day newspaper!
Has the revolution achieved the social justice or even applied the minimum wage law? No, and we still have people who receive 1.000.000 EGP as a monthly wage, while other people receive only 250 EGP per month. Even more, the same jobs are receiving different wages depending on which Ministry they are following. Revolution should have made them equal, but it truly hasn't.
Unfortunately, the revolution hasn't achieve any of its key demands, but rather increased the suffering of the poor with so much crises in the major commodities like diesel, gas, LPG and bread. Moreover, we suffer from chaos in everything, and we enjoy security in the streets no more. State allows traders to use the poor as much as they want and never stops them!
I think that the majority of Egyptians agree with me that the revolution has not achieved its goals. Only Islamists enjoyed many benefits, and seized everything. Now we find many people in mass media accusing the Christians of infidelity, insult their religion and their religious leaders, and burn their holy bible with no trial at all. At the same time, many Coptic Christians are sentenced with maximum punishment on charges of insulting the Islamic religion. Dear friends, our revolution has not succeeded at all!