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  • Thursday ,27 September 2012

They are too many!

Dr. Murad Morris

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Thursday ,27 September 2012

They are too many!

Muslim Brotherhood won't learn or change. Before, Sadat played the same card when he wanted to change article II of the constitution and pass some Islamic laws against the will of the Copts. It was announced then the census that underestimate the total number of the Copts in Egypt in order to keep them Marginalized.

Now, we're about to have an Islamic constitution with growing suppression of freedoms, the imposition of jizya, underage marriage and groups for The Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and so on. At that very time, Abu Bakr, President of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics has announced that the total number of the Copts are only five millions, which can't be true for the following reasons:

First, in the majestic funeral for the late Pope Shenouda III that was attended by 4 millions, according to BBC Radio, who came to pay the last respect for their pope. If this number was true, it means according to the false census, that there was no Christians at their homes at the time of the funeral, and how about children, have they attended the funeral too!

Secondly, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, an Egyptian American sociologist and author, says that there are 2.5 million Coptic Christians while Ibrahim Eissa, a journalist, declared they are much more. Moreover, adding the numbers of the Coptic Christians in Canda, Australia, Europe, as well as the Gulf area will make the Coptic Christian Diaspora even more than 5 millions.

Thirdly, I believe that Coptic Christians in Shubra district only are more than 5 Millions, and Abba Pachomius agrees with me, not to mention the big number of them in the governorates of Upper Egypt.

Fourth, how did Abu Bakr made such census to be only 5 million Coptic Christians? He must have used the religion field in the Egyptian national IDs, which is MUSLIM by default!

What's really weird, is the insistence of the Islamists that rights are given only to the majority or the strongest who is able to gather the largest number of people in Tahrir Square. In fact, rights of religion and worship is not debatable, and democracy basically means to guarantee the rights of the minorities against the strong majority. It's time for the church to declare its real census after that big lie was launched officially.