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  • Tuesday ,09 October 2012

Martyrs at all times

Nader Fawzi

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Tuesday ,09 October 2012

Martyrs at all times

 One year has passed since the massacre of Maspero, when 27 Coptic Chrisitan young people were killed and more than 300 were injured. We still remember Mina Danial and his companions crushed under the Egyptian Armored vehicles by the Egyptian army which was so brave against the Coptic Christians and so coward against the terrorists of Sinai. However, leaders of the army were forced to retire and are soon to be judged for corruption, bribe and not for killing the innocent people in Maspero.

Therefore, I can say that Coptic Christians in Egypt are priceless, and their killers are never recieve trial since the incidents of el-Khanka, el-Kosheh, Abu Korkas and all other sectarian incidents. In Maspero, 27 great Egyptian men were killed with no body being judged as if those young people have  simply killed themselves. We didn't even see a report proving they were killed or how they died.
Additionally, morals of Coptic Christians are murdered on daily basis and systematically including cursing their leaders and believes, burning and tearing their holy books apart in public squares with no trial, giving amnesty to Wagdy Ghoneim who has been insulting the Coptic Christians along with their religious leaders and believes, as well as accusing many Coptic Christians of defamation of Islam including children under 10 years old!
In fact, the problem is within the Copts themselves. They should have demanded the trial of their brothers' killers as hard as they could, but they didn't. Church shouldn't have asked the Coptic people to stop yelling against the killers and their government during the funeral of Maspero martyrs. It would have taken only 25% of the Coptic Christians to destroy both Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, but this would never happen.
Unfortunately, Coptic Christians' leaders are fighting to achieve their own interests even if such interest is against their brothers. Those leaders are even fighting each other. Furthermore, many of the Coptic Christians abroad are seeking their freedom and security, ignoring what happens to their brothers in Egypt.
I'm really sorry for such condition of the Coptic Christians, who are suffering form both Islamists and Coptic Christians as well. I say to Mina Danial and his companions, enjoy your position as martyrs, and pray that God help us to defend our chlidren.