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  • Wednesday ,10 October 2012

In their first anniversary

Abram Tawadrous

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Wednesday ,10 October 2012

In their first anniversary

Martyrs of Maspero are those young Egyptian people who demonstrated demanding justice. They abandoned their homes and families for the sake of seeking truth and justice. They were only expressing their anger peacefully against the authorities that is specialized in inciting the sectarian strife in Egypt and calling for stopping demolishing and burning their churches.

Many Muslims participated in the selfsame demonstrations with their fellow Coptic Christians denouncing such injustice against the Coptic Christians. All of a sudden, the armored vehicles of the great Egyptian Army started to attack the unarmed citizens crushing and killing them. In fact, I can't imagine the real reason behind such brutal attack in which more than 27 Egyptians were killed. Some of them were killed under the armored vehicles of the army or by its guns, in addition to many wounded people.
Can you imagine that the great Egyptian Army that had achieved a great victory in October 6th, 1973 is the same Army that killed the unarmed Coptic Christians in October 9th, 2011! Those martyrs were killed by their own Army and left their families and friends overwhelmed by grief.
In fact, such martyrs have left our sorrowful world to enjoy the everlasting happiness in the bosom of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I congratulate them as they have got rid of their suffering. However, 12 months have passed since their death and there was no trial for any body, as if they have simply committed suicide! I'm sure that even if their murderers could escape the earthly punishment, they won't be able to do the same with God's who will judge them saying: “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground. God will never forget about those martyrs and their families. He is so just and there is always time when God puts an End to every oppression. May the martyrs remember us in their prayers before God during the first anniversary of their martyrdom.