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  • Thursday ,18 October 2012

It's my turn, ballot box says!

Osama Noshi

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Thursday ,18 October 2012

It's my turn, ballot box says!

 People can never live in an everlasting revolution، even if this revolution is but a peaceful one. We, as a potential democratic country,  should believe in and respect the ballot box. Everybody has to obey the law and complies with the authorities even with their many mistakes. Then, it will gives account at the next election. Only then, it's time of change. 

Demagoguery will not lead us to have a civilized country, rather it may lead to a civil war, similar to what happened recently in Tahrir Square. Political forces shouldn't prey on each other. We can't make a revolution every year to bring a different political faction in power. This way, no one will be able to offer anything for Egypt. 
Of course I am not trying to defend president Morsy or his MB, but in soccer, we can't judge the coach based on one match, but rather based on his total results at the end of the season. We should use the same role with the president. We should wait till the end of his four years and then judge him using the ballot box.
On the other hand, calm may help the decision-maker to fix many problems. On the contrary, such instability will not help. Dr. Morsy has taken both good and bad decisions. I am not a big fan of him or of the Islamic current, but the best thing to do now is encourage the Islamic current to develop its ideas concerning human rights and the minorities. Moreover, Morsy belonging to a religious group, he has never said like Sadat: “I'm  a Muslim President of a Muslim country” that we tolerated for 11 years with all its sectarian incidents including the most violent sectarian incidents of al-Zawia al-Hamra. Egyptians now are able to judge their president, but they should give him a chance first. After that we will hear: “It's my turn” ballot box says!