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  • Monday ,24 December 2012

Egypt, You Leave me Heartbroken


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Monday ,24 December 2012

Egypt, You Leave me Heartbroken

Upon hearing the news of the winning Charter. I'm heartbroken over Egypt.  What happened to the days where Egypt was this mysterious, magical place where all foreigners knew as the mother of the world, and citizens felt like the best country in the world?

I never got to experience the Egypt that generations before me raved about. Instead, I will be living in a place where women get their hair chopped off, and every embassy website imaginable is warning travellers not to enter. 
Instead of the days of Abdel Halim, I have the "pleasure" of enduring days of people phoning me wondering if I'm still alive, if I still have my hair, if I've resorted to walking down the street in a Niqab yet. 
Heartbreaking Egypt, just heartbreaking.