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  • Tuesday ,12 November 2013

Beblawi’s trivial politicians!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,12 November 2013

Beblawi’s trivial politicians!
Winds of change came upon Egypt after the revolution of 30 June, 2013. Some changes were positive while the others were negative. Yet, it was strong enough to force Superpowers to change its policies in the Middle East.
Unfortunately, this revolution brought people like Mohamed El Baradie, Hazem El Beblawy and others to the scene. Soon, the ugly faces of the traitors were revealed. The government failed to achieve any progress in the economy and worked hard to implement the American agenda to destroy Egypt and return the Muslim Brotherhood to the political scene in Egypt.
Additionally, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Cooperation dedicated his time for the reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters, as the militias of the Brotherhood are destroying Egypt and insulting its army every single moment giving the impression to the whole world that the situation in Egypt is still badly unstable. Furthermore, the government postponed Egypt's protest law allowing the Brotherhood to sabotage the country and its public universities.
In his visit to Arab Emirates, El Beblawy insulted the Egyptian armed forces and promised to return Mubarak into jail for Morsy’s trial! Had he lost his mind, the state officials should take heed and stop him and his companions as they are great threat to Egypt and the Egyptians, especially during the upcoming referendum and elections. Saving the country is now or never!