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  • Wednesday ,20 November 2013

She killed him as she couldn’t divorce him!

Basant Mousa

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Wednesday ,20 November 2013

She killed him as she couldn’t divorce him!

A Coptic Christian wife working as a tour guide has killed her husband and got rid of his body after years of disagreement with him. However, she was not able to divorce him as the church hasn’t permitted her. Of course, she suffered severely in prison waiting an execution ruling while her children are left alone to suffer exceedingly.

Similar story has happened few years ago in America for a Coptic Christian family when the husband killed his wife for similar reasons.
In fact, Coptic Christians have many marital problems. Yet, such problems are either ignored or denied, which won’t solve these problems and won’t prevent more crimes like the ones we just mentioned. The suffering party may have sometimes to convert to Islam in order to get rid of the marriage partner, which causes more problems for everybody.
The religious leaders responsible for marriage certificates or those who are satisfied in their marriage don’t have the right to ignore or underestimate the problems of many people who suffer in their marriage. They can’t just consider them a punch of losers and psychopaths who have to endure all kinds of pain in their marriage, without having the right to complain or even try to change their miserable life!
How come they present God that way? How come they claim those people would be tortured and suffer in this life as well as in the coming one as they didn’t carry “the cross”! 
This lady will be executed and her story will soon be forgotten just like the former story. However, who’s responsible for that tragedy? I hope Pope Tawadros gives me an answer before I breathe my last.