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  • Thursday ,21 November 2013

Copts & politics

Ezzat Boulos

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Thursday ,21 November 2013

Copts & politics

The revolution of June 30 has achieved a dream of the Egyptian people and especially the Copts to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from power after their great failure that led millions of Egyptians in the streets demanding the overthrown of their government. Furthermore, people have given mandate to the army in order to face the terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood that planned to destroy the Egyptian history and was about to give away parts of the Egyptian land.

At that time, the Copts willingly paid the greatest price and are still paying. However, the road map that promised to write a constitution for all Egyptians is being manipulated by the Salafis who are trying to destroy Egypt like their supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood did following the scheme of the American Administration.

Now, the Copts are demanding a political share or presence after their huge sacrifices. They are demanding positive discrimination in order to work in the streets through ballot boxes knowing that appointing them by the state doesn’t really help the Copts or their cause.

Unfortunately, supporters and opposers among the Copts had their usual arguments that ended up with calling each other traitors, which is clearly very harmful for the Coptic cause. Here, the Church decided to oppose the affirmative action for the Copts.

In fact, the Copts became in an awkward position as they would support the Muslim Brotherhood if they refused the amendments of the 2012 Constitution, and would suffer as second degree citizens under religious constitution if they say accept such amendments! Yet, if less more than 23% of the voters refused the amendments, Egypt will return to the old 2012 Constitution. It is but a very awkward situation, in which all choices are bad.

Now, I don't know what the Copts should do! I only know that supporting the Muslim Brotherhood by refusing the amendments is not a valid option for the Copts.

I believe they should reach a consensual agreement helps them to participate in the political scene and support equal citizenship in Egypt. However, quota being misunderstood, other ideas should be found to encourage the Copts participate in the political scene.

Egypt is passing through a critical and historical moment that determines her future for long time. Therefore, all of us have to support citizenship and the road map that should be able to save Egypt from sliding to the edge of the abyss, which we have experienced for a whole year under the ruling of the Muslim Brotherhood.