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  • Tuesday ,26 November 2013

Egypt between a dwarf and a giant!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,26 November 2013

Egypt between a dwarf and a giant!

Throughout its history, Egypt has passed through many defeats as well as victories made by its great sons. Yet, the current stage had much more defeats with much less victories. One of these victories was achieved at the the Egyptian foreign affairs. There is a hidden leader who has wisely managed the ministry under the current significant moment.

He managed to successfully complete many important visits such as: the visit of Russian intelligence chief Viackeslav Kondraskou who was the first Russian official who visits Egypt in decades. In addition to that, there was the visit of United States Secretary of State‬ John Kerry after the revolution of June 30, as well as many ‪Russian and British officials.
Such important visits and more were used by the wise man in order to restore the Egyptian dignity and power before the whole world.
Today, Egypt expelled the Turkish ambassador, after Turkey's prime minister called for the release of ousted President Mohammed Morsy. This was a painful hit received by the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the Turkish dreams to restore the Ottoman Caliphate sponsored by the American Administration.
This was achieved thanks to the perfect plan of this hidden wise leader! I believed that the government could only follow this perfect plan. This situation revealed we have a weak dwarf and a giant mighty one among our leaders! Something has to be done soon. It’s now or never!