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  • Monday ,09 December 2013

Top Secrets That Become News Then History

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,09 December 2013

Top Secrets That Become News Then History
Old time secrets you used to hid them in a safe, or a diary under your bed or pillow but once you died you never know who might read them and what he would do with! In todays world new methods were introduced to keep your secrets away from curios eyes or ears but mean time new methods were introduced to uncover them this is the new world of intelligence and you never know how soon your secrets will become HEADLINES NEWS!
Few years ago a Freedom fighter or terrorist as alleged was captured trialed and convicted then imprisoned just because some entity or people hide facts that would set him free, I’m not very much aware of the circumstances that led to this as I was a child, but I know he was freed and honored moreover become the president of South Africa Nelson Mandela R.I.P. This is not my main subject but I had to pay tribute and honor another legend left our world to enter history from the brightest gate!
As I write this some disturbing news are spreading around about judges resigning from viewing cases due to embarrassment, and I wounder who of us human being is without a sin? Obviously those judges were subjects to a kind of blackmail either they resign or be exposed for something they did in the past or as well and this is another possibility they do belong and and support they people on trial!
Either case this brings me back to the main point of Top Secret Dark Art of Intelligence that I had been trying to expose since few weeks back and publicly accused the hidden hand of the British Intelligence MI6 in the mayhem Egypt is in it now in its fight against Terrorism! Being invisible does not mean it is not there and today I expose another fact was clearly published locally locally in the newspapers in UK, her is a shut of the article of Monday the 2nd of December 2013, Mr. Mugger War CASH
This guy died in Syria’s fight he was fighting along side with al-Qaida and has a British ID! Obviously you can see clearly he is not of British origin but holding a British ID means he was granted political refugee! 
In brief this means Britain is supplying the Arab World with Mercenaries and those Mercenaries fight along side with the TORRORISTS that USA once upon a time DECLAIRED in coalition with UK (Bush/Blair) the war against them!
I rest my case and hope to hear from UK/USA authorities any explanations or at least the stop their hidden support to TERRORISM!
May God Bless Egyptians and keep blessing Egypt.