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  • Tuesday ,10 December 2013

The real challenge is yet to come!

Youseef Sidhom

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Tuesday ,10 December 2013

The real challenge is yet to come!

The 50-members committee to amend the 2012 constitution has finished all amendments to the Egyptian constitution, which brought us a new constitution that meet the demand of many segments of the Egyptian people after the revolution of June 30.

I won’t start citing the articles and criticizing them as many people would do. Voting in the upcoming referendum on this constitution and keeping the unity of the Egyptian people during that is way more important. Here, I want to say that the new constitution is a good one that deserves to get our support. It takes Egypt to a whole new era of respecting rights, freedoms, equality, citizenship, human rights and democracy.
In fact, some people may not like all of its articles, but in general I think it is really an acceptable constitution that meets the demand of the Egyptian people at the moment. No matter how much we do love this constitution, we have to support it in order to move on to the future. Refusing this constitution should hinder our progress and keep the current political conflict, chaos, lawlessness and violence for a long time.
I know that many people will criticize the new constitution causing great dispute and disagreement about it. Such division should break the national unity that we got after June 30 doing a great favor for the terrorists who really hate Egypt.
We’ve got rid of the regime of the terrorists; however, they would do anything in order to return to power. I hope they won’t be able to do that through ballot boxes in the upcoming referendum. I hope we put the national interests before our eyes, and let not trivial things to destroy our future, as the real challenge is yet to come