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  • Wednesday ,11 December 2013

Egyptian constitution between fundamentalism and secularism

Moomen Sallam

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Wednesday ,11 December 2013

Egyptian constitution between fundamentalism and secularism

The best thing the revolution of January 25 has done is increasing personal freedoms, while the worst was causing such panic among seculars from political Islam groups whom are sought to be able to do wonders. However, I believe that phenomenon of political Islam should disappear soon.

The recent statements by ‪Sheik Yasser Borhamy, in which he claimed that the preamble of the new constitution encourages applying Islamic Sharia and called his supporters to vote “yes” for it, caused panic‬ for many. Some people think that being clergy would prevent Borhamy from lying which is wrong. In fact, Brohamy is but a political leader who tries to get the support of the Islamists in the upcoming elections and give pretext for supporting the constitution of the fanatics.
There is a big difference between the fundamentalists and secularists, which is basically thinking. Therefore, the secularists should think a little about such statements made by Sheikh Borhamy. The fact is that new constitution is not taking the side of either fundamentalism or secularism. It gives both of them the chance to play on the ground, score and win.
I also believe that this constitution has offered great rights and freedoms for the Egyptians after the revolution of January 25 & June 30. This should enable the secularists to work on the ground and have a good chance to win.
However secularists don’t have the same financial support or international organizations, they can do a lot with thinking and cooperation. I hope the secularists start working on the ground as soon as possible. They should make the best use of the horrible mistakes of the Muslim Brotherhood.