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  • Monday ,16 December 2013

The Constitution

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,16 December 2013

The Constitution

My Eternal loss every week as a new article is due on which subject to be this week, I explained over the past 2-3 weeks why I accuse the hidden hands of UK-intelligence and I’ll keep them suspects until proven Guilty or Innocent, but I rest my case to talk on another urgent matter that is the main issue in everyday’s life of Egypt, the new to be constitution and the iteration of one of the main points the Civilian Government!

Now, I’m not a lawyer, neither a languages expert, specially the Arabic Language; I spent my life learning Languages not studying the deep art of the words in a language that would change the meaning 180 degrees if you put an adjective or a latter before the other. 
This is the name of the game nowadays, all arguments go around this phase Civilian Government! To my understanding Civilian Government, means a government run on civilian basis not Military Basis with all due respect and understanding and above all recognition of the role of the Egyptian Army protecting Egypt so far!
Since day one of the 25th January revolution or stand up or conspiracy to remove Ex. President Mubarak in favor of the spy who sat on Egypt’s throne - call it how you like - but since that day and analysts pure political analysts or part of the conspiracy to continue nailing the coffin of the Egyptian Army that could be the primary objective of 25th January 2011 conspiracy!
Let me be more specific, I’ll assume that really the target from 25th January 2011 conspiracy was not Mubarak but the Egyptian Army as soon as Mubarak freely or forced by invisible hands stepped down and Marshal Tantawy head of Military Council took powers until new amended constitution and other elections took place that led to Morsy sitting on the Egyptian Throne, we saw in France 24, CNN, BBC and all other news networks analyzing events in Egypt and their major concern was if the Military Council, part of the military institution is going to let a civilian Government rule this military institution the most powerful entity in Egypt at all times - thanks to Ex-President Nasser, who rebuilt the army and introduced the military industry and diversified military aid from different resources - this institution that backs up the Egyptian Army the only remaining Army standing till now!
Marshal Tantawy willingly, or trapped or for whatever reason gave up powers to a civilian government that proved no loyalty to Egypt and Egyptians till removed by Egyptians in the 30th June revolution confirmed as a revolution on 26th July! We did not see any news network question the possibility that Marshal Tantawy did a Coup d’Etas on 25th January 2011, neither human rights activists tried to ensure ex-president Mubarak was well treated, and no one asked for him to be liberated like we saw with the spy who sat in his sit!
So to me whomever the hidden hands are it was a conspiracy that is still on till it achieves its goals the Egyptian Army! As long as the Egyptian Army stands TALL fighting back not giving up the conspiracy - or conspiracies - are going on!
Back to point one what a Civil Government or Civilian Government means? Does it mean no military presence? Does it mean to head the ministry of defence by a civilian who never saw or know what is Army or military? Sounds to me like giving the ministry of Electric Power to a lawyer never seen an engine or the ministry of education to an ignorant farmer never seen a school!
To the best of my understanding Civilian Government means the head of the government is a civilian person even if he had serviced in the Army or was an ex-officer like Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak they left the army way before taking powers as presidents, and I do not mind a president who never served in the Army as long as his military advisers are active or retired army officers, a Civil Government just rejects the idea of a Military active officer to be president, each person can only serve in one position either the army or the president but not both!
That is my understanding of the Civil or Civilian Government and I hope lawyers and language experts do their best to ensure this meaning in the constitution, may God guide them to the best for this blessed country Egypt!