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  • Tuesday ,17 December 2013

Scenario for a scheme!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,17 December 2013

Scenario for a scheme!

Amending Egypt's constitution has raised too many disputes, which were likely to happen with the existence of so many American agents in the fifty-members committee to amend the 2012 constitution, which included all spectra of the Egyptian society save the professors of constitutional law! There was doctors, artists, poets, directors, political activists and Islamists. I wonder how come they didn't invite the Egyptian folk singer Shaban Abdul Rahiem to this committee in order to accomplish their mission to make the committee fail and produce a non-consensual constitution in order to break down the army led road map.

However, a new constitution was drafted instead of just amending the old one. Yet, the final draft was delivered after such big debate and forgery as well. Some people have played with the words trying to change our identity.
Consequently, they kept doing amendments as well as infringements for the constitution and handed it over to the president. He is also the head of the Constitutional Court who should make his judgment and stop such farce before he fulfills the wishes of the Salafis whom the state is make a pet of.
Soon, the new constitution, which cites that religious parties are not allowed, should be activated. Then, all Islamic parties should be dissolved including al-Nour ultra conservative party, the political arm of the Salafis. They will have to start over and completely change their identity, will they?