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  • Wednesday ,25 December 2013

The post-constitution challenges

Abram Makar

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Wednesday ,25 December 2013

The post-constitution challenges

It may not be the best constitution ever, but it’s indeed a good one and is one step on the right path. This constitution criminalized discrimination for the first time, and considered torture as a no statute of limitations crime. Under the new constitution, the state is committed to spend fixed proportions on education and scientific research, the prime minister is given more powers and two thirds of the parliament have the right to withdraw confidence from the President. Furthermore, women and the poor are  also given more rights which is great.

Even with the presence of negative things, like giving freedom of worship only to Muslims, Christians and Jews! It also includes many statements that are not clear in the constitution giving chance to manipulate them later.
Adding the word “sound” to “democratic life” while drafting the principles of the 1952 revolution deprived the Egyptians of democracy for 60 years. Yet, the majority of the Egyptians accept the amended constitution and should vote “yes” to it in the upcoming referendum on January 14, 15.
Here, the state has to assert its sovereignty by implementing the new constitution. No worse than a state that doesn’t respect its new constitution. It should lead one way or another to chaos.
After that, comes the most important role of the institutions as well as the elite and individuals. They should change the ideas of the community according to the new constitution. Values like equality and citizenship should be accepted and respected by all. This is the real challenge that we should be preparing ourselves for now.