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  • Thursday ,26 December 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood’s conference about the persecuted Copts

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Thursday ,26 December 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood’s conference about the persecuted Copts

On December 20, 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood held conference in the Press Club in Vienna under the title “The persecution of Christians in Egypt”. I attended the conference as I was anxious to hear about the persecuted Copts from the Muslim Brotherhood. However, they ignored the Copts and could only attack Gen. Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, the Military Council, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Pope Tawadros II. They denounced what they call the military coup claiming that the Coptic Christians are supporting Mohamed Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood against this coup!

As nobody talked about the persecuted Coptic Christians in Egypt, I realized that the name was meant to bring the attention of the Coptic Diaspora in Austria in order to attend the conference and incite them against their spiritual leaders as well as the political ones.
The organizers of the conference didn’t forget about attacking Egypt’s new constitution and the revolution of June 30, ignoring millions of Coptic Christians in Egypt and abroad who have supported this revolution as well as the road map. 
However the Copts fully support Pope Tawadros II, their revolution would have succeeded even if the Pope didn’t support it. Yet, the Muslim Brotherhood choose to punish the Copts for their Pope had supported the revolution and burned their churches and attacked their properties.
The Muslim Brotherhood decided to ascribe their great failure to the Copts in order to conceal it. In fact, they should blame none but themselves.