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  • Monday ,30 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,30 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

Sunday 29th December 2013 the very last Sunday of year 2013, tomorrow Monday the very last one of year 2013 as well and my last article of the year and I know it’s celebration times so I’ll keep it as short as possible wishing you all friends, companions and enemies all your dreams come true in the new coming year 2014!

I know many of us if not all look at the year’s worst events and judge it as bad year. We got the bad habit to look at the 1/2 way full cup or glass from the top we see it always empty overlooking its full bottom! 
Here I have to remind you all True Egyptians we had a wonderful blessed year 2013! Old customs and traditions look at the number 13 as a bad luck number and year 2013 ending with this -lucky- 13 should be a bad year 365 days of bad luck, and honestly how many of this 365 days was a bad luck? Moreover some extremists will brand Friday the 13th of any month as a bad luck day those people if they see a black cat will change their path it is as well a bad luck symbol specially a black cat passing under a ladder!
Dear guys, being lucky or not is just a meathe that does not acknowledge proper planning and studies of a project, they love to pouch their luck taking short cuts to reduce time or expenses then when their project fells blame it on LUCK!
As a mathematician, I learned that 13 is a primary number that does not accept division but on itself or one it is an odd number and nothing more just like 5, or 11 or 17 all of them are primary odd numbers! So what or why 13 is so different and considered a bad luck number? I did as well travel on Fridays 13th and I know that the meath of Friday the 13th goes back to the Hollywood horror movie by the same name!
Now back to reality, what happened in Egypt, as part of the middle East Arab Spring started in Tunis or Yamen or Iraq or Sudan I really lost the chronological count as it spread at no time in Libya then Egypt and Syria!
Was it really an Arab Spring or a TERRORISTS COUPS D’ETAS supported by CIA and other intelligence agencies for unknown to me reasons?
Well I know COUPS D’ETAS was always attributed to Army forces being the strongest entity in any country to protect its territory and consequently its political and head of the country system! If this Army decides to take over the political system it is a COUPS D’ETAS being the power that no one can stop within the country, but is it the only power that can do that? Theoretically, the Army is the only legal entity allowed weapons and heavy equipments to defend its territories, but thugs, outlaws, and terrorist are also equipped with weapons worst than the authorized world wide weapons meaning that the Army might face weapons more dangerous than what is allowed to be equipped with, cause bottom line terrorist abide their own laws so trying to assume power via FORCE can by no mean be called other than COUPS D’ETAS!
I apologize I intended to make it short this article being the last of 2013 wanted just to make a few remarks to be the basis of my future articles but talking of the anomalies happening in Egypt can not be short I wanted as well to wish our neighbors Turkey best wishes in their stand up they try to stand up since June with Egyptians and other free people who refuse corruptions by the ruling systems but the last standing solders  sorry the last standing THUGS of Muslim Brotherhood refuse to leave back to the undergrounds they’ave always been in them they thought they could achieve freedom this way but freedom requires free minds and fare treatment not biased and divided entities.
To end this last 2013 article I have to tell Condalisa Rice and Helary Clinton Egypt can never be part of this Arab Spring cause simply Egypt was is and still Egyptians not Arabs! Arabs are those neighbors who invaded Egypt and been part of the Egyptian Entity but Egypt never been part of the Arab World they supported them stood by them defended them when needed but never gave up their entity to be ARABS!
May the power of LOVE ever come the love of power so the world be in peace! Peace be with you ALL and God Bless Egypt and Egyptians!