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  • Thursday ,02 January 2014

Opinion: Misleading arguments by MB supporters




Thursday ,02 January 2014

Opinion: Misleading arguments by MB supporters

Prominent authors, columnists and media figures that are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood have been deliberately overacting following the recent decision of the Egyptian government declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist” organization.

They allege that the decision will result in the creation of a new “terrorist” group, and that it gave the Brotherhood a “kiss of life,” granting the group a reason to reinforce their allegations of being oppressed. Finally, they allege that the decision will force the Brotherhood to again work in secrecy.
That approach appears logical but is misleading, controversial and could stir skeptical questions such as: Were we right when we called for listing the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist” organization? Did we have other choices? Was it possible to avoid such a decision that could, according to those viewpoints, result in a civil war? Once you revisit the one-year tenure of Mohamed Morsi, you will realize that such approaches are nothing but manipulation.
The decision has nothing to do with the creation of a new “terrorist” group as the group’s history of “terrorism” has caused and created the government’s decision. The Brotherhood’s bid to gain public sympathy following the governmental decision is a big failure. Egyptians were probably sympathetic to the Brotherhood before the January 25 Revolution, when the administration of Hosni Mubarak oppressed their leaders. But because Egyptians also suffered during Morsi’s tenure, the situation is different. Now, the Brotherhood’s conflict is with the people not with the government.
Finally, regarding the allegation that the decision will cause the group to work again in secrecy, it has been proven wrong. The group has been always working in secrecy since it was founded in 1928. Their support to the smuggling operations in the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip indicate that working ”under the ground” is their preferable style, though the January 25 Revolution granted them the freedom to work in public through the Freedom and Justice Party.
During the tenure of Morsi, when a “terrorist” organization claimed responsibility for kidnapping seven Egyptian soldiers in Sinai, Morsi said he was committed to saving the soldiers and their kidnappers. He told the commandos assigned to liberate the soldiers that he hates to see Muslims killing Muslims. These events are among others indicating that the Brotherhood has been in touch with “terrorist” organizations during Morsi’s tenure.