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  • Friday ,17 January 2014

Call for enlightenment

Rev. Aaron Nassif Faltas

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Friday ,17 January 2014

Call for enlightenment

During the presidential election in 2012, many of my friends who claim wisdom and good ability to read the political events decided to attack Ahemd Shafik in their comments on Facebook and Twitter. They said that he is part of the former regime and his success means the restoration of the military rule. Such comments led many people to vote for Mohamed Morsy hoping he would be better, as he and his group had suffered a lot under Mubarak’s regime.

Furthermore, they said that Dr. Morsy belongs to a reverend religious group, but they forgot about the bloody history of the Muslim Brotherhood. They forgot about the former General Guide who said that he doesn’t give s**t to Egypt and that Egypt should be governed by a Malaysian Muslim rather than a Coptic Christian.
My friends have forgotten all about violence and cheating of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as trading on religion. It even traded on the homeland for its very interests. Just one year under the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood was enough to bring more than thirty million Egyptians, including my friends who supported them earlier, demonstrating in the streets against it demanding safety and stability away from this terrorist group. Egypt and its national Church paid huge price after many people were killed or injured, while public and private properties were demolished. More than 82 churches were torched. However, my friends are once again following the terrorist groups and call to boycott the referendum!
My wife and I have already voted in the referendum on Egypt constitution last week in Australia, as my wife and I appreciate our citizenship and love our country.
I invite the intellectuals, clergy as well as the media to educate simple people about the constitution; their rights and duties. This should be carried out by the state and its institutions whether before the polling process or after. The citizens should be able to decide for themselves and make decisions for their future. It’s a call for enlightenment.