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  • Thursday ,23 January 2014

More than one “yes” to Egypt’s Constitution

Monir Beshai

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Thursday ,23 January 2014

More than one “yes” to Egypt’s Constitution

On January 14 and 15, 2014, the Egyptian people came out to cast their votes on Egypt 's new constitution, which is the first step of the road map. 19.9 million Egyptians voted yes (98.1 % ). This was an unprecedented results in an unprecedented elections. Many people saw senior citizens as well as people with special needs coming to vote “yes” for this pretty much consensual constitution.

People voted “yes” for this constitution hoping it would take them to the future by implementing the road map. However it is not perfect, it is very suitable for the current situation.
Voting “yes” came before the whole world in favor of the revolution of June 30 in order to support it against the Muslim Brotherhood. About 20 million Egyptians voted “yes” proving what happened was not a military coup as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood claimed.
It was also to support Gen. Abdul Fatah al-Sisi who led the revolution of the Egyptian people and supported their free will. Therefore, many people demanded al-Sisi to nominate himself for the presidency. However, he does not want that as it might be used by the Muslim Brotherhood to claim the revolution of June 30 was a military coup aiming to take over authority. However, such results came to support al-Sisi and prove his wide support by the Egyptian people.
The referendum results came to support Egypt against the terrorist organization that planned to govern Egypt for more than 500 years, but the Egyptians removed them after only one year. In fact, the Egyptians removed them like it did with other invaders and occupiers. 
Voting yes came to support the Copts as well as  pluralism in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood planned to incite sectarian strife. Moreover, the Copts participated actively in this revolution and this referendum as equal citizens.
This “yes” came to mark the end of a long painful time. Things now are going hopefully in the right direction and a better future looms on the horizon.