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  • Friday ,24 January 2014

Muslim Brotherhood Students applying Islamic Sharia

Magdi George

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Friday ,24 January 2014

Muslim Brotherhood Students applying Islamic Sharia
During the eighties, I was studying at Cairo University and staying at the campus. At that time, my colleagues and I used to care about the public facilities as if they belongs to us. Now, students who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood unfortunately are doing exactly the opposite as they destroy the public facilities and universities.
They may have an excuse to attack a police car where a tear gas was launched, but they don’t have any excuses to burn their university or use weapons to kill their colleagues in order to accuse police of killing them.
They never have excuse to destroy their country, especially as the Muslim Brotherhood is using those young people and trading on religion in order to achieve personal gains.
In fact, those young people know nothing about the religion they think they are defending. This religion orders them to ward off evil rather than bringing an initial interest, and that “removing something harmful from the road is charity. They don’t even know that burning trees is forbidden in Islam.
The truth is that those students burn the public facilities that they use and benefit from. They break the law and violate the Islamic Sharia, and should be punished for that. Police should return to protect universities in order to save the facilities from those monsters. Even America allowed security forces in the universities when white students refused to allow the black students into their universities.