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  • Tuesday ,28 January 2014

The third celebration of the disaster of January 25, 2011

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,28 January 2014

The third celebration of the disaster of January 25, 2011

I was surprised to hear the Egyptian media conveying the message that millions of Egyptians have happily celebrated the third anniversary of January 25 revolution. In fact this revolution was but a disaster to the Egyptians and their economy following an American-Zionist conspiracy called the Arab spring.

This conspiracy was supported by foreign and Arab countries in order to empower the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt using many young people in Egypt.
I believe that millions of Egyptians have decided to demonstrate in the street in the third anniversary of that disaster demanding Field Marshal. Abdul Fatah al-Sisi to run for the presidency and save them from their misery. Furthermore, they decided to support the suffering policemen in their National Police Day.
How come many young people claim they had a revolution, which was stolen from them? Well, have they reported the police? Talking about the corrupted media, I remember the great role played by Farain private TV that had great impact in educating the simple people about many conspiracies against our homeland.