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  • Wednesday ,29 January 2014

To each his own

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,29 January 2014

To each his own

Dozens of deaths and injured caused by bombing Cairo Security Directorate by a car bomb resulted in the destruction of the adjacent Islamic museum as well as enormous damage to the Directorate building. A deep hole, six meters depth, was caused by the strong bomb. 

Moreover, one man was killed and 15 were injured in Dokki clashes, and a homemade bomb exploded next to Talbia police station. 
Such news cannot be read separately as they came during the celebrations of the third anniversary that the Muslim Brotherhood claim it supported and not stole.
The Muslim Brotherhood insisted on being so violent and bloody which expresses their idea about revolutions.
Those explosions reflect the negligence of police, especially after similar attack was carried out couple of weeks later in Dakahlia and Sinai governorates. Yes we do appreciate police men and their great efforts, but we have to criticize their negligence at this very attack.
In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood decided to continue what it has started by killing and causing destruction in 2011 and since its very beginning.
These celebrations showed who is really violent that it was going to destroy a whole district in Port Said, I mean the Muslim Brotherhood, and who is really peaceful and hates violence, I mean the Egyptian people. However, Egypt will always be a peaceful country where no place for murderers.