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  • Thursday ,30 January 2014

Two persona

By-Tarek Heggy

Short But Not Sweet


Thursday ,30 January 2014

Two persona

I am made of two persona : the person who fell in love with philosophy, literature, history, political thoughts, classical music and art. A person who read in excess of 30,000 books and authored 32 books ... AND the person who studied and practiced modern management techniques and was for a full decade the chairman & CEO of the SHELL OIL companies . Over the years, people like Ziad Bahaa el Deen, Hazem Beblawi, Mohamed el Barad'ie, Hussan Eisa and many others caused numerous disputes between the "intellectual me" and "the-manager-in-me" ! I am now of the opinion that as ministers, these intellectuals were nothing but disasters. They totally lack the leadership & managerial qualities that ministerial positions do widely require - TH.