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  • Thursday ,30 January 2014

Bombs during celebrations

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Thursday ,30 January 2014

Bombs during celebrations

Millions of Egyptians celebrated revolution's third anniversary in the Egyptian streets and Squares, in spite of three explosions few hours before the celebrations began. Squares and streets were full of the people who came carrying the Egyptian flag to celebrate the anniversary of their revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood had issued a statement hours before the celebrations or the attacks in which they apologized to the revolutionary currents “for what they did”. It became clear that they didn’t mean to apologize for their terrorization, assassinations, or inciting sectarian incidents. They tried to send a message saying that they are willing to share power unlike what Morsy’s regime did. 

They apparently tried to seduce some political currents to support them and share power with them in the future. They didn’t mean to apologize for their violence and terrorization. Therefore, when they talk about conversation and reconciliation, they mean that we have to accept their violence and terrorization. They proved this meaning through the terrorist attacks prior to revolution's third anniversary.

On the other hand, the terrorist attacks proved the negligence of the state and police. Furthermore, none of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood was condemned though hundreds of accusations. Moreover, many of serious accusations are neglected like what happened with president Mohamed Morsy in his charges with spying for Hamas and America. 

Terrorization of the Muslim Brotherhood aims to terrorize the Egyptian people. Thus, it should be confronted by media and police. Their ideology has to be refuted, and new road map should be presented to solve many economic and social problems. Poverty and unemployment never teach good or tolerance.