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  • Friday ,07 February 2014

The Square

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,09 February 2014

The Square

A recent documentary was released titled, “The Square.” It is a highly acclaimed documentary supported exclusively on the American “Netflix” streaming website. It is even in fact nominated for an Oscar, which will be on March 2nd, 2014. 

In case you haven’t watched this documentary yet, I urge you to go to YouTube right this second and watch it. This documentary follows the struggles of those fighting and protesting for the true democracy. It begins with January 25th, 2011 and up until the protests that kicked out Morsi from Presidency. 
You may be thinking, “Why would I waste my time with a biased documentary like this?” You would be wrong. This documentary shows people from very different walks of life, all struggling to find their voice and find share their journey. We have a man from the Muslim Brotherhood talking about the pressures he’s under and the struggle he faces by not agreeing with majority of Muslim Brotherhood ideology. We have a man fighting to take back the revolution that we can clearly see was hijacked from the beginning. This is a very true portrayal of what is happening in Egypt now. 
In the beginning, the people fought to take out Mubarak, and succeeded. Next, the people fought to remove El-Tantawi, and were victorious. Here, however, we have something different, and this documentary explains clearly what is happening. 
We have fought long and hard to take out Morsi, and we succeeded. What we didn’t account for, however, was the fact that there is a large group of people who are in fact Morsi supporters. 
What this documentary alludes to, is the fact that these battles that are happening everyday, and the violence that we are witnessing, is only the beginning. Why? Because we are now in a huge dilemma. One group of people is now fighting against another group of people. We are now facing an upcoming bloodbath, because no side will step down willingly. 
I urge you to watch this documentary. It gives everyone a sense of hope that, with just a little more perseverance, Egypt will be the amazing country it once was!