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  • Friday ,21 February 2014

America is the killer

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,22 February 2014

America is the killer

When I see the situation of the Christians in the Middle East, I can’t prevent myself from blaming the United States. Since the US decided to go to war against Iraq and then leave it to Al-Qaida, this led to the evacuation of the Christians and not only that, but also killing them as the first step to eradicate Christianity from the middle east. 


We all thought that this would be just in Iraq, but then America decided to declare war against Gadhafi and left it also to Al-Qaida, which in turn led to the evacuation of the Christians from Libya and not only that, but also killing the Copts because of their religion. 


Is that all? No, this wasn’t the whole scene. Also in Syria, America pushed the opposition against Al Assad, and helped Daeesh, the leader of Al-Qaida, to kill the Christians and forced them to pay money in exchange for continuing to live in their own country. 


Look at Egypt. America is still encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood to use violence to return back to power and prevent the police to protect itself from this terrorism. America refused to provide Egypt with the required weapons to fight terrorism in Sinai. 


The conclusion that I want to say is that the United States is the only one responsible for evacuating the Christians from the Middle East, and America is responsible for all the chaos that has happened and is happening to Christians in the Middle East. Not only that, but also refusing to give visas to Christians to protect their families. So it seems that the US aims to siege Christianity in the Middle East.