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  • Friday ,28 February 2014

Sisi Meaning Yes Yes?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,01 March 2014

Sisi Meaning Yes Yes?
Right from the beginning we have witnessed a man who is blunt, brave, and to the point. I remember where I was when Sisi made his notorious announcement that ultimately led to the ousting of Morsi, do you?
A lot people have mixed feelings towards Sisi. Some are saying that this is detrimental to true democracy; some say that this has all been one big coup; and others say this is a dark time for Egypt. I want to take a moment to really look at Sisi, and how in fact, he may be the right choice for Egypt right now. 
From day one, when Sisi stood in unison with all political and religious leaders, we could see a united front addressing a disappointed and distraught Egyptian population. At this exact moment there was a divide between Pro-Morsi and Anti-Morsi in all of Egypt. We, the people, cannot move forward in any case when there is such a huge divide amongst opinions. Furthermore, democracy in Egypt is like a newborn baby, still unable to walk, talk, or function on its own. There is no way that if elections were held, that the Egyptian people would be satisfied. 
Sisi came in, he took the reigns, and managed to take hold of the situation in Egypt. Yes a lot of people are upset, yes there are many who want to assassinate him, and yes there are many still protesting against him. But think of it this way, if Sisi had not intervened and ousted Morsi, where would the Egyptian people be now? We would still be protesting, still be at war with each other, and have nobody to lead us through the darkness. 
We are not at a point yet to be a full-fledged democratic country. Why, you may ask? Suppose I have 2 political parties (ignore the fact that we have over 30 right now). In a normal democracy, there is a vote, and whoever loses, loses gracefully. The winning party will still take into consideration the concerns of the opposing people because he wants to stay in power. In Egypt, the people would not be satisfied with results and would protest against the elected president again. 
We are not ready for a democracy because we don’t understand how it works. Sisi is guiding us, and whether we like it or not, we have no other options if we want to seriously consider a democracy for the future. Like a baby, we can’t come out expecting to work, we need time to develop, and Sisi is a great option until we are developed enough!