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  • Friday ,07 March 2014

Ibrahim is promoting Qatar!

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,09 March 2014

Ibrahim is promoting Qatar!
We can see again that Saad El Deen Ibrahim wants to play in the same role he played 7 years ago with the Muslim Brotherhood. It was the time when he was trying to convince American Administration that the Muslim Brotherhood is the only alternative after Mubarak and they can shoulder the responsibility after the Mubarak regime.
Again Ibrahim went to Qatar and started to promote himself there in an attempt to save the Qatari Regime from collapsing after Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Bahrain withdrew their Ambassadors from Qatar. 
Ibrahim mentioned that Mozza, the wife of the Ex-Prince Hamad, hates the Muslim Brotherhood and she wants to visit Egypt to make a conciliation between the Qatari and Egyptian people. The problem is not that Mozza wants to do that, but that Ibrahim didn’t hesitate to promote what Qatar wants. 
I don’t believe in Saad Edeen Ibrahim and Mozza's intentions. What Hamad and Mozza wants is to save the regime of their son Tamim especially that there are many who are calling from the Opposition in Qatar to collapse the Tamim Regime after the wrong policies he followed, and after he took the authority from his father.
Qatar should be isolated from all the Arab countries because this country is now representing a threat to all other Arab countries like encouraging terrorists and terrorism in countires like Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bahrain and Tunisia. 
Arab countries shouldn’t give Qatar any opportunity for conciliation before they learn the lesson and before recognizing its size and its role. Qatar is the size of Shubra, and the Qatari region should hold power according to its size, history and culture.