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  • Tuesday ,11 March 2014

Mehleb, stop spoiling the Egyptians in order to succeed!

Youseef Sidhom

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Tuesday ,11 March 2014

Mehleb, stop spoiling the Egyptians in order to succeed!

The new government of Engineer Ibrahim Mehleb comes amid confounded political, economic and security situation. This is pretty much the same conditions the former government faced right after the revolution of June 30 and the ouster of president Mohamed Morsy. 

We can say that despite the good intentions, experiences and loyalty of the former government, it was not able to deal with the situation that many people and currents were satisfied by its departure.
However, 20 ministers remained from the old formation, which means that it's pretty much the same government. Yet, the leader should make a big difference.
I imagine that new policies of hard working should be imposed on the governmental work, but first of all, we should stop spoiling the Egyptian people. No more talking should be heard about speed improvement of standers of living, since the situation is very bad and hard working is badly needed.
 Therefore, everybody has to start working hard for a long time before we achieve our goals. He can visit the miserable workers to support them, but not to promise speed solution for their suffering as working is the only way to achieve their demands.
Strikes should be organized under syndicates and according to the law to avoid such mess that we have. It's very hard for the new government to do anything with so many strikes. 
It's not the responsibility of the government alone to solve our problems, as we have to do our part. Such cooperation is mandatory to enable the new government to concentrate on solving problems of security, economy and education, which should be the main concerns of the new government in order to achieve stability. 
Furthermore, the presidential election is at hand, and we have to give it great concern in order to reach political stability as well.
Let everybody know that Mehleb's government doesn't carry a magic wand to work miracles. He should rather carry frankness, courage and rigor. We need to reward and punishment instead of spoiling our people.