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  • Wednesday ,12 March 2014

Difference between Obama and Putin

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,12 March 2014

Difference between Obama and Putin

We have to contemplate this picture of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama looking at a picture of his teacher and pioneer of Islamic international terrorism, Hassan Ahmed Abdel -Rahman Mohammed al-Banna, founder and first General Guide of the Musslim Brotherhood, which was originally founded and funded by the British intelligence. Furthermore, Obama decided to financially support the terrorist group by more than 10 billion dollars of taxpayers' money in order to kill our soldiers and burn our churches. Therefore, Obama is responsible for killing Coptic Christians in Egypt and Libya as he has mostly planned such attacks with his friends at al-Qaeda!

On the other hand, we can see the Russian President Vladimir Putin stands in front of an icon of the Virgin Mary in his Orthodox Church praying that God may help him to fight terrorism after Russia had declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.
At that time, Obama and his agents in Egypt are doing their best to allow the terrorist group to work freely in Egypt.
However, Egypt will be saved from this terrorism after it got rid of the traitorous former government and with the strong Russian economic and military support for Egypt.
Yet, the Egyptian people were able to ruin the scheme of the terrorist Obama to destroy and divide Egypt. Later, he tried to do the same in Ukraine but he failed this time as well. Obama and his foreign minister threatened Russia but who cares? Russia and China now are united against terrorism of Obama! The result of the game is pretty much known.