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  • Friday ,14 March 2014

Enjoy any Good Dramas Lately?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,15 March 2014

Enjoy any Good Dramas Lately?
People go to the movies to enjoy a good night out. They buy some popcorn, candy, and turn their cell phones off in preparation for the show. 
It seems as though “Egypt: The Country” should be nominated for an Academy Award. Everyday it’s like we have something new happening in the courthouse. There is always some new drama going on, something crazy happens, and then some crazy reaction takes place. 
I would feel so entertained if I didn’t remember that this is real life happening now. We have two ousted Presidents on trial right now. We also have all the poor people who are fighting for Egypt’s freedom condemned and sent to court as well. Don’t forget the hundreds of other “suspects” for various issues on trial as well. To add to the “dramatic” atmosphere, the defendants, when in court, are held in cages, like animals. Is it really fair to compare alleged criminals to that of animals? Is the cage shadowing the future of what life will be like behind bars? 
I honestly think that all these cases, and all these trials are adding to the instability of Egypt. 
I understand that there needs to be a system of putting the criminals in their rightful place, but postponement after postponement, and accused after accused. There has to be a better way of punishing the guilty without the dubious steps involved in bureaucracy. 
When we think of court now in Egypt, it is very easy to call the cases ridiculous. The fact that our perception of the courthouse tends to be ridiculous the majority of the time, is a bad sign. This preconceived notion is adding to the dramatic element in Egyptian law right now. 
So what is the solution? I am but a lowly civilian, a silent onlooker, and an audience member. We need a brilliant producer to come in and produce a more balanced movie.