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  • Monday ,17 March 2014

Old and New Generations

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,17 March 2014

Old and New Generations

Old styles guys – My grand father – used to wear some over the shoulder belts to keep his pants up; I replaced these old styles belts with around the west belts but upon my stay in an Island where his owners were Black Africans up ducted by European trader to be used as SLAVES, just got their independence from the British Empire!

Those black guys with all due respect to their colour or culture had nothing but like Egypt good quality cotton and excellent sugar canes, but were way less fortunate in their water resources depending only on rain, with its natural disasters of droughts or even storms that could blow away their whole year effort to grow up some sugar cane, so it was natural little by little those inhabitants to find other ways of living. They never got the time or means of creativity and culture, they were subjects to all kind of ignorance and stories created by their ignorance, like believing that Haile Selassie ex-emperor of Ethiopia was the BLACK JESUS and Nefertiti was his mother –or a black St. Marie! No disrespect to those guys or what they believe just demonstrating what ignorance can do! It was there where I saw for the first time in my life guys walking around with pants barely hiding their behinds! 
As a non black guy in this community, I had my privileges that would allow me to order them to pull up their pants or else…..
Recently I was told that we –old guys- are retarded out of style and way less intelligent, comparing us –old generations- with a now days kid of 12 years old who play and know i-phones, touch pads or i-pad, and laptops better than us old guys! 
I admit I saw lot of old guys not knowing how to update their mobile phone date or time, if asked to make a call on a mobile they look lost do not know what to do and ask for help from their son or daughter! But does it mean this guy is stupid and less intelligent from his son or daughter?
Is it Charles Darwin evolutionary theory means that your son should be more intelligent? I cannot confirm or deny this possibility but what I can say for sure is the following:-
1. When I was 12 years old I did not have an Apple-phone or Nokia all I had was a regular landline phone without even the option of internet cause we had no internet in Egypt!
2. At the age of 12 the computer technology had just been able to create the 1st ever home computer PC!
3. My 1st ever home computer could not print 1 single line with a mouse click I have to type in the operating system prompt a statement to prepare the printer for printing then tell the printer what to print –and all that in a primitive elementary language a machine could process!
4. My 1st ever PC had no windows, no mice, but I could create files and phone books with the names and numbers of the people to call, I used COBOL, FORTRAN, & Java to tell my computer what to do – those programs I wrote and the stupid guys of my generation wrote are now downloaded for free to make your laptop work and recognise it has a printer or print with a click of the mouse!
5. My summer holidays I spent them listening to the radio TV just become available when Ex-president Nasser, inaugurated the NASR factory for TV industry!
Without the stupid guys of my generation that you want to burn just because of your differences of opinions you would had no Internet, no TV broadcasting, you would be living a primitive life like those black guys that believe Haile Sellasie is Jesus! So please weak up and PULL your panties up, learning is not just knowing the Alphabet but how to make useful sentences, and if you can not yet use your useful information to make proper thinking and reasonable conclusions then you are still ignorant if the only conclusion you come up with that you are more clever than your ancestors just because those ancestors provided you with their technology then you need to start over!
I rest my case and as usual I pray God to make the power of love overcome the love of power so that world will know peace. 
Peace of the Lord be with you all and may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians.