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  • Friday ,21 March 2014

Poison in the honey

Ashraf Dous

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Friday ,21 March 2014

Poison in the honey

Those people who talk about reconciliation with terrorist groups think they are better than the state. However, giving the two governments in Tora prison and the will of the Egyptian people to move forward, none is really above the state. Those People should realize there is no Muslim Brotherhood any more except for that terrorist group that is organizing a terrorist attack every now and then. 

The call of Dr. Hassan Nafaa to negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood is but poison in the honey. It means that leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have committed no crime and they are but political prisoners who are victims of the military coup. He should have called the Muslim Brotherhood to stop their violence and terrorism, and obey the will of the people who decided to take power away from it after proving such great failure. Furthermore, who will pay the price for killing Egyptian soldiers and policemen?
What does it mean to negotiate with takfirist groups and vandals that are willing to ruin the whole country. Shame on you Dr. Nafaa to do so!
He said that a great state should negotiate. Well, this is another mistake since a great country should apply the law and respect it. It should fight terrorism, not live with it.
In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood have made unrecoverable enmity with the Egyptian people and tried to enslave and even kill them. Who can accept to yield to the demands of those who traded on religion, betrayed the homeland, threatened the Egyptian people and shed their blood!