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  • Friday ,28 March 2014

Blood until when?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,29 March 2014

Blood until when?

Everyday we see blood. One time from the police, another time from the Muslim Brotherhood, and the question we should ask ourselves is: how long will continue to see blood on the streets without finding a way or solution to stop this?

All political powers have attacked Dr. Hassan Nafaa the activist, when he announced an initiative attempt at a reconciliation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the society. I could understand the people's objection to this initiative, but at the same time, if you object something, you should suggest something as an alternative. 
Where are the alternatives for the current political powers in Egypt? Where is the creativity to end this blood permanently? Are we going to continue like this until we become Syria or Libya? I condemn all forms of violence that has been happening from the Muslim brotherhood. Furthermore, no one can be tolerant with their actions and violence. The real question, however, is what is the solution? 
Yesterday, two innocent people  were killed. One was a journalist from Dostor Newspaper, a Muslim woman, and the other was a normal citizen, Mary, a Christian. So we can see that the blood and killing doesn't distinguish between people because of religion. Everyday we lose one from our citizens instead of investing in developing our country and beginning our long journey between developing education and working. 
I call on all political powers to find a solution to the miserable life Egyptians live now. The future is more important than the past, and saving people from death is better than saving the people in the authority.