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  • Tuesday ,01 April 2014

Field Marshal al-Sisi surrounded by American agents!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,01 April 2014

Field Marshal al-Sisi surrounded by American agents!

As much as we were happy to know that Field Marshal al-Sisi resigned as Defense Minister and decided to run for president, the Egyptian people were shocked to find American Agents and traitors among the key members of his campaign. They decided to surround him from the beginning like a bracelet in a hand or rather handcuffs. 

We were extremely shocked to find our dreams turning into nightmares. The first one was Mohamed Hassanein Heikal who received billions of dollars to guide and deceive all former presidents. He also is a good friend of Qatar and good enemy of Russia that revealed his membership of the CIA.
Furthermore, we found Mustafa Hijazi, friend of Ahmed Maher, who was sent to prison for betrayal and destruction of Egypt following the Zionist American scheme of Mohamed El Baradei.
Director Khaled Youssef, is also listed among the names that support al-Sisi though he used to support Hamdeen Sabahi in the previous elections. Now, as he could smell the landslide victory of al-Sisi, he decided to support him and abandon Sabahi.
The rest of the names are no less controversial. Yet, I wonder how come our hero accepts such farce? Of course he needs none of them to lead his electoral campaign. I hope the news is not true as al-Sisi is one of the best candidates whose campaign should be void of such viruses and diseases. I also hope to find Coptic Christian men and women in his electoral campaign. I pray to God that al-Sisi may be saved from those traitors who surround him from the very beginning.