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  • Thursday ,10 April 2014

Facts and Secrets about Mustafa Bakri

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,10 April 2014

Facts and Secrets about Mustafa Bakri

In his program on Sada El Balad private television, Egyptian journalist Mustafa Bakri revealed many secrets about the so-called revolution of January 25. He talked about his meetings with General Omar Suleiman, former vice president, and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that president Mubarak and his vice president have realized the real danger of the American scheme carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood.

He explained that such meetings were attended by four young political activists whose names should stay secret! Furthermore, he refused to talk about the announcement of former president Mubarak in which he resigned. He didn't talk about Mubarak's decision to stay in Egypt, his beloved homeland.
Soon, Mustafa Bakri decided to file a lawsuit against Mubarak accusing him of committing many crimes. Field Marshal Tantawi then allowed the arrest of Mubarak and sent him to prison ignoring his long history. However, Mubarak proved to be innocent of all accusations by the Muslim Brotherhood that aimed to humiliate Mubarak and fight the military rule.
In fact, such accusations and actions caused the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces  and the Egyptian army to be humiliated and insulted this way for the first time in its history.
This is how Mustafa Bakri played an important role in each era and under each regime. He could get some power and money from each regime. Furthermore, he had very good and strong relationships with Saddam Husein, Kaddafi, and others. May God preserve Egypt and its army forever.