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  • Friday ,11 April 2014

Aswan mired in blood and shame

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,11 April 2014

Aswan mired in blood and shame

We heared the bad news of violence and bloodshed between tribes in Aswan that nobody is able to stop. 

Tribal problems exist all over the world; however, with civilization and civility, such tribal values disappears before values of belonging to the state. 
The state and its institutions have disappeared while weapon was in the hands of fighting people. The real problem was the disappearance of state in such critical crisis and time. Even security forces were not able to intervene and save dozens of people who were killed in a bloody massacre.
Our government was not able to intervene or solve the problem. Furthermore, it is not able to judge the killers or even seize their weapons. Therefore, it resorts to customary reconciliation sessions, just like it does with sectarian conflicts among Muslims and Christians.
Our government is not only with shaking hands, but also is paralyzed and is not able even to think, work or protect its land. How come it is trying to solve the problems of Halayib and Shalateen? What a shame? 
Education system has reached new level of corruption that a school encourages people to kill each other! Now, no security or state in Egypt. Tribes have to protect themselves away from the law