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  • Friday ,18 April 2014

Letter to the founder of Faraain Public Media School

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,18 April 2014

Letter to the founder of Faraain Public Media School

Dr. Tawfik Okasha is the founder of what I call the Media School in Egypt and the Arab world.

Amid storms of conspiracy filling the air, the Coptic Christians are celebrating the Easter, which we believe has brought salvation to human race. Therefore, Tawfik Okasha has congratulated the Copts on this occasion wishing them the best from the bottom of his heart.
In fact, he has been seeking an invitation to attend the prayers of the feast that the Information Office of the Pope always forgets about inviting him, even though his channel is the only private one dedicating a weekly show for the Christians.
I want to congratulate him on the name of his channel which aims to support the ancient Egyptian identity and supports belonging to Egypt among the public.
His channel is the only one that has never changed its policy and never received funds from countries or organizations. Furthermore, it was fought and stopped three times and suffered under all regimes.
However, it insists on revealing all agents and teaching the public about what they need to know.
I congratulate Okasha for the new development of Faraain, wishing him as well as his team all the best.