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  • Tuesday ,22 April 2014

Dreams over

Magdy Malak

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Tuesday ,22 April 2014

Dreams over

Any one has dreams in his life and seek to achieve these dreams year by year and that what not apply for Egyptian. Some of them lose their life searching to immigrate and wait years and years seeking to immigrate until they lose their age searching for illusion called western life. 


Some others run after a woman thinking that she is going to achieve their dreams in love and stability and by time will find out that his dreams turned to be a phantom. The woman he did everything to marry and to be with, needs nothing except her comfort which include getting what she wants regardless of her love capabilities. 


Its a big mistake to put all your dreams in one thing or one person. as they say in the economic life, you shouldn't invest all your money in one investment or you will lose all your money if you lost in that investment. 


You should have variety in your dreams so if you failed in one dream you can find something else can compensate you for what you have lost in the other dreams, and that require you to be flexible and be able to adapt with the trauma that might happen to you if you lost one dream. 


Egyptians need to dream in a different way especially with the political situation that Egypt has last 3 years ago. I can understand that many people might be depressed or frustrated of what Egypt suffer from last years and they might say we almost lost everything in that years, but on contrary I believe that Egypts situation should push you to think in different way to have many things to amuse you in that life not only depending on one thing.