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  • Wednesday ,23 April 2014

Muslims teach Salafis the Easter lesson!

By-Ashraf Helmi

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Wednesday ,23 April 2014

Muslims teach Salafis the Easter lesson!
Salafis are the hypocrites who allied with forces of evil after the January 25 revolution hoping to achieve their terrorist goals in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood through stealing the revolution supported by the American Administration that planned to deteriorate and destroy Egypt. 
Those Salafis have issued many fatwas to forbid congratulating the Christians on their feasts. Sheikh Yasser Borhami, prominent leader of the Salafis, claimed that companions of Prophet Mohamed and the Ancestors forbade such action for Christians as their feasts are related to their corrupted doctrine.
Borhami has also attacked all officials and clergy who dared to congratulate the Coptic Christians on their feasts in 2013.
However the revolution of June 30 has removed Islamists from power, they are still issuing such fanatic fatwas, being allowed, protected and welcomed by the state!
Yet, the officials have congratulated the Coptic Christians on their feasts and sent representatives to attend the Christian liturgy. All presidential candidates came to the Pope to congratulate him on the feast. In fact, Muslims taught Salafis the Easter lesson! 
I wonder how come the government let alone those terrorists and fanatics to divide Egypt. Borhami had supported the Muslim Brotherhood at Rabaa Adawia and Nahda sit-ins. Sheikhs Mohamed Hassan and Ahmed Yaacoub had supported protestors at Nahda sit-in in public. Furthermore, Borhami had announced that the Salfis are able to control terrorists in Upper Egypt and even grant their support to whoever candidate succumb to their demands! 
Salafis have insulted the Egyptian people and the government has done nothing but giving them support or cold shoulders! Some claim that Saudi Arabia is the one supporting the Salafis to spread the Wahhabism in Egypt. The effect of the Salafis appeared during the crisis between Egypt and Saudi Arabia when Egyptian demonstrators mocked the Saudi king.
Soon, any hidden transactions among the current government and the Salafist Nour Party and the presidential candidates to steal the revolution of June 30 will be revealed. If so, a civil war should be at hand, which suits the American and Western schemes for Egypt.