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  • Friday ,25 April 2014

4-year old raped by mum's boyfriend


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Friday ,25 April 2014

4-year old raped by mum's boyfriend

A 4-year old girl was allegedly raped by her mother’s Egyptian boyfriend, a Sri Lankan daily reported.

But, the man was not alone, he was supported by the 4-year old’s mother for the horrendous act.
The 28-year old man had moved to Sri Lanka two years, ago. 
The 35-year old mother began working in an international company while she was living with her daughter and husband, soon she met the Egyptian and later decided to move in with him along with her daughter.
When the dad arrived to pick up his daughter after a tiff with the Egyptian and then soon rushed the kid to a hospital where he was informed about the girl being raped severely.
Both the accused have been arrested.