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  • Friday ,25 April 2014

The Iranian Samira Nejad following the commandment of Christ!

Sobhi Foad

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Friday ,25 April 2014

The Iranian Samira Nejad following the commandment of Christ!

On Tuesday, April 15, 2014, a young man called Bilal was going to be executed in the downtown of "Light" city northern Iran for a crime he had committed 7 years ago when he killed another young man called Abdullah.

The Iranian authorities brought the killer "Bilal" blindfolded and wrapped the cord around his neck after being placed standing on a chair ready to be pushed and die in a few moments. 
Suddenly Samira Nejad decided to forgive the killer of her son and removed the cord announcing she forgave him. Everybody was shocked while the killer was crying and screaming not able to believe he was forgiven and acquitted just like that.
This is a true story of a Muslim woman who applied the commandments of Christ who loved and forgave his killers.
I believe this man has become a slave and servant for this mother. Furthermore, he should be peacemaker for the rest of his life. I call all international organizations to honor this great woman and present her a model and an example to follow by people from all religions and countries.