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  • Friday ,25 April 2014

Copts in Demand

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,27 April 2014

Copts in Demand

In the time that every person and media outlet are busy following the news of the upcoming presidential election or following the violence of the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, I can see that media covers all subjects and yet neglects what the Copts are suffering from even until this moment.

Everyday I read about new sectarian events or clashes between Muslims and Copts, also about  people kidnapping Christian children and asking for a ransom. While I hear all or this suffering the Copts are facing, I also hear barely any TV shows talk about that suffering. 

Copts have sacrificed a lot over the  last 3 years and they are still sacrificing until this moment without anyone paying attention to their suffering. In this last Easter, Radio Sawa, a radio station asked to receive a speech from the Copts about what they feel in that feast. 
My answer, was that the Copts are worried, and I wouldn't call them pessimistic, but  they feel so worried about what is still happening to them in Egypt to theextent that a lot of them decided to immigrate and leave the country. 
I wonder why nobody pays attention to the Copts unless they need them for something, like for example talking to the congressman and assuring that there is no persecution to the Copts in Egypt, or when someone needs their support in the election!! Isn’t that ridiculous?